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What is ThresholdImpact VMS?

The UAlberta ThresholdImpact Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) is an MIT-based mentorship program that has been developed to support, inspire, and empower UAlberta entrepreneurs (alumni, faculty, students or staff) by engaging them with teams of experienced Mentors.

Our Mentors freely give their time, talent and knowledge to help entrepreneurs so that they, in turn, arebetter prepared to continue growing their venture.

Our mentorship program pairs seasoned Mentors with high growth ventures that are looking to scale their operations. We are proud that our ventures come from a variety of sectors such as software, advertising, retail food, transportation, health and wellness, clothing and apparel, agriculture, and more.

If you want to learn more, please contact us at vms@ualberta.ca


To develop, inspire and empower the UAlberta entrepreneurial community.


To create and sustain world-class mentorship experiences and networks for entrepreneurs and Mentors.


VMS is built upon a foundation of core values that are enduring and exemplified by VMS management, the Board of Advisors, Mentors, and entrepreneurs. These are:

  • Mentorship is a combination of teaching, advising and coaching
  • An attitude of meaningful engagement, humility and the pursuit of lifelong learning
  • Embracing diversity of experience and opinion in our community
  • Relationships based on trust, respect and confidentiality
  • Mutual giving leading to value for all


Thank you to everyone involved who helped make this project come to life.

  • Dr. Ray Muzyka
  • Lazina McKenzie
  • Ian Chisholm
  • Kristina Milke
  • Vince Waldon
  • Faaiza Ramji
  • Jim Yih
  • Heather Barnhouse
  • Brittany Anderson
  • Selene Yuen
  • Terry Song
  • Sheldon Zhang
  • Dustin Sundby
  • Jana Rieger
  • Blaine Bertsch
  • Chris Davey
  • Tom Viinikka
  • Blaine LaBonte
  • Lorena Forster
  • Ashley Janssen
  • Sean Price
  • Deborah James
  • Bea Bohm Meyer
  • David Bridges
  • Ken Cantor
  • Cam MacMillan
  • Ross Nairne
  • Charlene Butler
  • Paul Ingram
  • Tony Melnychuk
  • Catherine Vu
  • Chris Vilcsak
  • Keenan Pascal
  • Geoff Gregson
  • Julianna Cantwell
  • Joe Di Fabio
  • Debra Keehn

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