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Team Tweets

Working with entrepreneurs and my fellow Mentors in VMS is incredibly engaging and rewarding: helping teams move forward, networking with amazing, passionate people across the program, and through these interactions continually leveling up!

Dr. Ray Muzyka,
'90 BMedSC, '92 MD
VMS Board of Directors

The joy of giving the gift of your time returns far more than expected when you find the right thing to give your gift to. Friends, learnings, community result in a legacy that is invaluable.

Kristina Milke,
'94 BCom
VMS Board of Directors

Our VMS entrepreneurs are filling gaps in their knowledge and experience - I am also!

Blaine LaBonte,
'93 BSc
VMS Board of Directors

Since joining VMS in 2015, it has become my community. I compare my experience to a live, real-world business education. The entrepreneurs and Mentor teams I’ve been privileged to work with, taught me about starting & growing tech ventures.

Lorena Forster,
'87 BA(Hons), '98 MBA
VMS Board of Directors

Every meeting, be it as a mentee, Mentor, or board member, is an opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur, leader, and person and that is a gift.

Ashley Janssen,
'06 BA
VMS Board of Directors

I've learned the true value of coaching. I'm grateful that my Mentors dedicate their time to ask me the difficult questions to ensure I grow as an entrepreneur.

Brittany Anderson,
'12 BCom
VMS Board of Directors

I appreciate knowing we are supporting the career aspirations of creative and innovative U of A grads long after their graduation...and our community's economic growth in the process.

Sean Price,
'95 BCom
VMS Board of Directors

I am new to VMS and I have come to appreciate just how much energy, camaraderie, and expertise this team radiates! VMS is a valuable component of the ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’ mandate and culture at the UAlberta!

Deborah James,
'89 BSc Pharm, '96 PhD
VMS Board of Directors

I am constantly humbled by the people in VMS. Without question the work being done consistently has a deep personal significance to each member whether Mentor or entrepreneur. True success is personal. I am so grateful to be a small part of this space.

Bea Bohm Meyer,
'88 BA(Special)
Mentor Engagement Team

The power of a well-focused community is incredible.

David Bridges,
'05 BSc
Mentor Engagement Team

While I look around feeling like an imposter, I hope I’ve added value for the entrepreneurs and the other Mentors I get to work with. I hope so because I’ve learned more about them - and about myself - than I ever anticipated when we began.

Ken Cantor
Mentor Engagement Team

Participating in ThresholdImpact VMS has been a tremendous privilege. This program has given me real hope in the future of our City and Province with such great Mentors and entrepreneurs!

Cam MacMillan,
'83 BA(Gen)
Mentor Engagement Team

Big kudos to all the Mentors, entrepreneurs’ and the team at VMS for everyone’s commitment to the program and agility in continuing our great work.

Ross Nairne,
'09 MBA
Mentor Engagement Team

Every VMS meeting I attend reminds me of how much we can learn from each other, both Mentors and entrepreneurs. I love how the Mentors build on each others’ ideas and work together for the benefit of the entrepreneur.

Charlene Butler,
'09 MBA
Mentor Engagement Team

Edmonton has always been about community, and rarely have I felt the strength of community as powerfully as I have within VMS. I have benefited greatly from the experience and can only hope to have contributed to those who have given me much.

Paul Ingram,
'88 BCom
Mentor Engagement Team

The VMS community is full of like-minded people who are caring, humble, energetic, knowledgeable and basically awesome! Given all these traits, it is no wonder that I learn something new with every interaction. I’m a better person having engaged with VMS!

Tony Melnychuk
Mentor Engagement Team

I have learned so much from the entrepreneurs I've been able to support over the past 7+ years in VMS. Their passion and grit inspires me to do the same for my business.

Catherine Vu,
'94 BCom
Mentor Engagement Team

VMS has taught me that it’s best to listen rather than talk – and letting others fill a pause in a conversation can produce amazing nuggets of clarity! VMS has also reinforced that we have an amazingly talented and entrepreneurial city!

Chris Vilcsak,
'85 BSc MechE, '97 MBA
Mentor Engagement Team

VMS showed me that the challenges you face when in business are not unique to you and that there’s a community ready to teach you what they’ve learned through experience. It’s brought me connections and growth, personally and professionally.

Keenan Pascal,
'08 BCom
Entrepreneur Engagement Team

The VMS community is a group of like-minded people in different stages of their entrepreneurial journey, who help, support and learn from each others in both good times and bad times.

Sheldon Zhang,
'12 BSc ElecE
Excellent Education Committee

I feel privileged to engage with such a talented, open-minded and giving community of entrepreneurs and Mentors. VMS is special because it focuses on developing people. Expressing vulnerability in order to learn and grow is not easy, but made possible by mutual respect and trust.

Geoff Gregson,
'81 BPE
Excellent Education Committee

Feedback is a gift. When someone gives you a gift, receive it wisely, and pass it on.

Heather Barnhouse,
'98 BSc, '03 MBA, '04 LLB
Excellent Education Committee

There have been many learnings this first year with VMS, but my favorite so far: the power of a diverse Mentor team with unique personalities, perspectives and life experiences. This brings a variety of insights for ALL in the discussions.

Julianna Cantwell
Excellent Education Committee

Those we call Mentors are humble, driven, purposeful business leaders who freely give their time and expertise to entrepreneurs striving for pretty big goals. What they want in return is the chance to help others succeed while learning something new. In a nutshell, this is what VMS is about.

Lazina McKenzie,
'08 MBA
Venture Mentoring Services Team

It's incredible to see how powerful our community is when they come together to work towards one common coal. Ours being helping entrepreneurs grow their minds.

Joe Di Fabio
Venture Mentoring Services Team