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What does it mean to be a good neighbour?

Dustin Sundby
Regional Managing Partner, MNP

In light of COVID-19, it’s a question that we’ve been asking ourselves as a business. The pandemic has disrupted our local economy, changing everything from the way our businesses operate to how we connect with one another.

As our economy recovers, MNP is reflecting on our role in the rebuild and how we can have the greatest impact. We see a unique opportunity to help our neighbours get back on their feet. Our firm has always been entrepreneurial. Starting as a small firm in Brandon, Manitoba, we’ve expanded with offices coast-to-coast and we’re industry leaders in emerging industries, such as cannabis. We believe entrepreneurship is key to Alberta’s next chapter. COVID-19 has accelerated change in our province and we know there's no going back to the way it was.

We want to support the people with new, bold ideas and help them turn a concept into a reality. Entrepreneurs are the ones who will help our communities regrow and thrive. Their businesses will create jobs for others, build new opportunities for communities to come together, and expand what we think is possible.

Starting a business is challenging. The list of unknowns can feel unending and taking the first step is intimidating—where do you start? What do you need? How do you get paid? Our team wants to help entrepreneurs get answers to those questions, empowering them to start building their business instead of feeling like they don’t know where to begin.

Edmonton and alberta have a genuine opportunity to become a future hub for entrepren-eurship

Through the Venture Mentoring Service, we know we can achieve results. This program is more important than ever, and we’re excited for the task ahead of us.

By supporting entrepreneurs, we believe we can help our communities do more than get back to normal. We believe we can become even stronger than before and set a new path forward.

For entrepreneurs. For our communities. For our province.

Dustin Sundby, MPAcc, CPA, CA
Regional Managing Partner, MNP